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SFP Cage

With Heat Sink and Light Pipe option

The SFP cage provides a physical interface and mechanical support for the SFP module, allowing it to be easily inserted and removed without powering down the networking equipment.  The primary purpose of the SFP cage is to ensure proper alignment and connection of the SFP module with the device's electrical and optical interfaces. This allows for the efficient transmission of data between network devices. The cage also helps protect the delicate components of the SFP module from physical damage and ensures a reliable and consistent connection.

  • Compatible with SFP interfaces

  • Two types of soldering peg: DIP or Press-fit

  • Single port or 4 ports

  • With heat sink or light pipe options

  • Material of copper alloy with nickel plating 30u"~80u"

1x1 SFP Cage

Single Port

4 Ports SFP Cage

4 Ports