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CTK, as a professional manufacturer, owns various production facilities for producing high-quality connectors, including RJ11, and RJ45 modular jacks, keystone jacks, coupler jacks, and patch panels. We recently added the auto-production line to raise production efficiency and precision.

Plastic Injection Machine

Our plastic injection machines are the major production facilities for our products. The main parts include the RJ connectors and structured cabling products' housing.

CTK owns 24 plastic injection machines that produce 16.8K pcs/month.

Stamping Machine

The stamping machines are used in stamping metal material, such as IDC, pin, and die-cast. CTK owns 9 single stamping machines, and we also have 14 continuous stamping machines to deal with the auto-production line.

Auto-assembly Machine

To raise the efficiency of production, CTK has imported the auto-assembly machine. The manual assembly defect also can be avoided by auto-assembly. 

Mold Self-Manufacturing Ability

Setting up a mold design and manufacturing department is a strategic move, especially for us involved in manufacturing, engineering, or product development. Hiring engineers dedicated to mold design and manufacturing reflects a commitment to quality control and precision in the production process.

  • Control Over Dimension Errors: Establishing an in-house mold design and manufacturing department provides the company with greater control over dimension errors. This is crucial, as precision and accuracy are paramount in industries where molds are used for mass production. Controlling dimension errors internally allows for quicker identification and resolution of issues, ultimately saving time and resources.

  • Modification Flexibility: With an in-house team of engineers, we gain the flexibility to make modifications as needed. Rapid adjustments can be made in response to changes in product specifications, market demands, or unforeseen challenges. This adaptability ensures that the molds are always aligned with the evolving requirements of the production process.

Grinding Machine

The grinding machines are the critical process of shaping material. We can grind precisely to get high-quality products. CTK owns 10 grinding machines with different specs to support our production.

Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)

In order to deal with different processing needs, we have 5 electrical discharge machines. The EDM is mainly shaped by electricity to get cut or perforated.  It's used to replace traditional grinding machines to cut complicated shapes.

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