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Cat8 Keystone Jack

Keystone Jack

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Next-Level Networking: The Cat8 Keystone Jack

The CTK Cat8 Keystone Jack represents a pinnacle in network connectivity, aligning with ANSI/TIA 568.2-D Category 8-2 Connector Permanent Link (24M) standards. This certification ensures compliance with the latest industry benchmarks, specifically the demanding Category 8-2 specifications. With support for 25G and 40GBASE-T Ethernet, our Cat8 Keystone Jack is engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability in high-speed data transmission environments.

One of the key features contributing to the superior signal transmission of our Cat8 Keystone Jack is the inclusion of a die-cast shield. This shield enhances the overall performance, ensuring that signals remain robust and reliable even in challenging networking conditions. The result is a high-performance connectivity solution that meets the stringent demands of modern networks.

In choosing CTK's Cat8 Keystone Jack, you're not only embracing cutting-edge technology but also investing in a solution designed for reliability, performance, and adaptability. Whether you require a standardized configuration or a customized solution, our Cat8 Keystone Jacks stand ready to elevate your network connectivity to new heights.

Cat8 180° Die-Casting Toolless Keystone Jack

Cat8 180° Die-Casting Toolless Keystone Jack

Exporter of RJ45 Connector/Manufacturer/Customize/8P8C/Modular Jack/Keystone Jack | CTK Contact

CTK is a manufacturer in Taiwan and has been committed to developing RJ45 connectors since 2003, which owns two factories in China. We have professional R&D capability and perfect producing quality with clients' reliability. Our main products include 6P6C, and 8P8C connectors, highspeed modular jacks, and transformer jacks. We also developed structured cabling system-related products, like RJ45 keystone jacks, coupler jacks, patch panels, and other accessories. Recently, we developed our intelligent structured cabling system trusted by our clients. We offer customized services for your needs. CTK owns  ETL, UL, CE, PPPoE, and UKCA certifications, which are worthy of your trust.

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