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Structured Cabling System

The most reliable Structured Cabling System for you to choose

CTK has cooperated with some well-known brands of structured cabling companies for a long time, and we have whole experience with the design and production of structured cabling solutions. We have total production and design capability with the highest production standard. CTK has owned ETL, UL, CE, and 4PPoE certifications. We could produce standard structured cabling system-related products and other customized ones besides the standard to satisfy clients’ needs.

Structured Cabling System Products

RJ45 Keystone Jack

CTK's RJ45 Keystone Jack provides Cat8 to Cat3, which can satisfy your performance needs. The keystone jacks range from shielded/unshielded, toolless/punch-down, and 90°/180°.

Intelligent Cabling System

With CTK Intelligent Cabling System, each action would be recorded, and you can avoid data loss while network outages occur. Mapping, configuring and testing the system that helps your company online,24 / 7.

RJ45 Coupler Jack

The keystone coupler jack is an RJ45 Type female-to-female connector. It provides expanding cabling without getting performance decrease.