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RJ Modular Jacks

Various customized RJ modular jacks are applied to networking service.

The Registered Jack (RJ) is applied in various ways in the network, including network servers, routers, computers, IIoT, and electric cars. They are an essential part of the network field. CTK has been dedicated to modular jacks for a long time. We offer a one-stop service to fulfill every client's need, from design to production. The completed product line can be customized to match your PCB, from RJ11 to RJ45, 90° to 180°, and FTP to UTP, achieving UL, CE, and 4PPoE certifications. We care about your need and know-how beyond your imagination.

Modular Jack Products

Modular Jacks

A modular connector is a type of electrical connector for cords and cables of electronic devices and appliances, such as computer networking, telecommunication equipment, and audio headsets.

Magnetic(Transformer) Modular Jack

Magnetic(Transformer) modular jacks are designed for GIGA, 2.5G, 5G, and even 10G high-frequency network transmission applications, which meet the needs of Ethernet applications. PoE applications are available. 

High-Speed Modular Jack

The high-speed jacks support 10/100BT, 1GBT, 2.5GBT, 5GBT, and 10GBase-T Ethernet applications. The unique contact design of the connector addresses cross-talk and return loss issues common when using modular jacks in high-frequency applications.