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Cat6 180° UTP Punch-Down Keystone Jack


Multi-color housing UTP Category 6 RJ45 keystone jack

The UTP RJ45 Cat6 keystone jack can be customized with different colors to identify the application of the connector. The unique-designed cap with a breach gives the cabling two options, 180°, and 90°, making your cabling more flexible. The keystone jack suit with our patch panels and well outlet with complete Cat6 cabling system, exceeding Cat6 performance standard. Also, it can install our dust cover to prevent dust. The RJ45 keystone jack is easy to install using the CTK termination tool (N425Y-013-01), making your cabling more efficient and saving force.

Termination Tool
N425Y-013-01 180° Termination Tool


  • Suitable for CTK Terminal Tool (N425Y-013-01)

  • 180°/90° cabling option

  • With a dust cover option

  • Multi-color option

  • Exceeds Cat6 performance standards (250MHz)

  • Universal IDC for both 110 & Krone tool

  • 568A & 568B wiring options

  • 23~26 AWG

Part Number: N4435-099-0X; X for

  1. With dust cover and white FCC housing / black IDC housing

  2. Without dust cover and white FCC housing / black IDC housing

  3. With dust cover and all-white housing

  4. Without dust cover and all-white housing

  5. With dust cover and all-black housing

  6. Without dust cover and all-black housing

  7. With dust cover and black FCC housing / white IDC housing

  8. Without dust cover and black FCC housing / white IDC housing

  1. Housing Material: PC UL94V-0

  2. Insert Material: PC UL94V-0

  3. Cover Material: PC UL94V-0

  4. FCC Cover Material: PC UL94V-0

  5. PCB Material: FR-4 Thickness 1.2mm

  6. Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze Stamp Pin t=0.35mm, Min.50 micro-inch Gold Plating over 30~80 micro-inch Nickel Plated

  7. IDC Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze t=0.50 mm With Nickel Plating

  8. Wire: 23~26 AWG

  9. Durability: 9-1. Jack: 750 cycles Plug-Jack mating and un-mating test, insertion cycles at 20 cycles/minutes Max. 9-2. IDC: Max.200 Punching times

RJ45连接器出口商/制造商/定制/8P8C/Modular Jack/Keystone Jack |联系我们

CTK是台湾的制造商,自2003年以来一直致力于开发RJ45连接器,在中国拥有两家工厂。我们拥有专业的研发能力和完美的生产质量,得到客户的信赖。我们的主要产品包括 6P6C 和 8P8C 连接器、高速模块化插孔和变压器插孔。我们还开发了结构化布线系统相关产品,如 RJ45 keystone 插孔、耦合器插孔、配线架和其他配件。最近,我们开发了深受客户信赖的智能结构化布线系统。我们根据您的需求提供定制服务。 CTK拥有 ETL、UL、CE、PPPoE、UKCA认证,值得您信赖。

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