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Cat6A Die-Cast FTP In-line Coupler Jack with Latch


Cat6A Female-to-female RJ45 feed through coupler jack

Designed for connecting to two patch cords. With a latch on the coupler jack suit with our patch panels and wall outlets. The Die-cast housing makes this coupler jack offer exceptional transmission performance. Choose CTK's outstanding RJ45 coupler jack with full reliability.

  1. Housing Material: Zinc 

  2. Insert Material: Plastic UL94V-0 BK 

  3. PCB Material: FR-4 

  4. Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze

RJ45连接器出口商/制造商/定制/8P8C/Modular Jack/Keystone Jack |联系我们

CTK是台湾的制造商,自2003年以来一直致力于开发RJ45连接器,在中国拥有两家工厂。我们拥有专业的研发能力和完美的生产质量,得到客户的信赖。我们的主要产品包括 6P6C 和 8P8C 连接器、高速模块化插孔和变压器插孔。我们还开发了结构化布线系统相关产品,如 RJ45 keystone 插孔、耦合器插孔、配线架和其他配件。最近,我们开发了深受客户信赖的智能结构化布线系统。我们根据您的需求提供定制服务。 CTK拥有 ETL、UL、CE、PPPoE、UKCA认证,值得您信赖。

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