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我们的注塑机是我们产品的主要生产设备。主要部件包括 RJ 连接器和结构化布线产品的外壳。

CTK 拥有 24 台注塑机,每月生产 16.8K 件。


冲压机用于冲压金属材料,如 IDC、pin 和压铸件。 CTK拥有9台单冲压机,我们还有14台连续冲压机来处理自动生产线。



Mold Self-Manufacturing Ability

Setting up a mold design and manufacturing department is a strategic move, especially for us involved in manufacturing, engineering, or product development. Hiring engineers dedicated to mold design and manufacturing reflects a commitment to quality control and precision in the production process.

  • Control Over Dimension Errors: Establishing an in-house mold design and manufacturing department provides the company with greater control over dimension errors. This is crucial, as precision and accuracy are paramount in industries where molds are used for mass production. Controlling dimension errors internally allows for quicker identification and resolution of issues, ultimately saving time and resources.

  • Modification Flexibility: With an in-house team of engineers, we gain the flexibility to make modifications as needed. Rapid adjustments can be made in response to changes in product specifications, market demands, or unforeseen challenges. This adaptability ensures that the molds are always aligned with the evolving requirements of the production process.


磨床是材料成型的关键工序。我们可以精确研磨以获得高质量的产品。 CTK拥有10台不同规格的磨床来支持我们的生产。

放电加工机 (EDM)

为了应对不同的加工需求,我们有5台放电加工机。电火花加工主要是通过电加工来切割或穿孔。  用于替代传统磨床切割复杂形状。

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